Chelsea is a strong young girl who lives with her dad (the only family she has left) after her mother died when Chelsea was a baby. When she was a baby a week after her mothers death her father named Andrew had to go off for a mission for 9 years so Chelsea lived with Goku and Chi Chi who had a son named Gohan. They both grew up together so that means Chelsea got treated like a part of the family. At age 4 is when Chelsea's amazing power was unleashed even stronger than Gohan. As Goku, Piccolo and Raditz watch in shock of her power Chelsea fell to the ground weak from no power. From 5 years old Chelsea became a strong fighter but she was made even stronger. After Namek Chelsea disapeard and became Chelsea The Dog and obtained the element of fire and was trained with that power. A couple years later Chelsea was nearly killed by her rival Chelsea Dark but luckly Gohan came to her rescue and killed Chelsea Dark with a Kamehameha. Chelsea had no memory of Gohan till she came back. Before the Cell games Chelsea obtained a necklace which had her heart and soul. During the Cell games Chelsea sacrificed her self as she became Ultimate Firecat with her last words saying "I will always love you Gohan Son". Gohan in tears after her death he remembered true loves kiss will bring her to life. So he ran to her slowly moving in and kissing her on the lips to bring her back. After the Cell games Chelsea realises he had a major crush on her so Chelsea supprised him with a kiss then there realationship started. During time they both trained, studyed and hang out but in the end Chelsea met her father and she got married to gohan.

Personality Chelsea is a kind hearted girl who cares for friends and family but if any get hurt she rages and becomes ultra strong.

Super forms and powers Normal Kid:Electride shock beam Teen/adult:kamehameha, masenko and chelsea combo Rage Teen/adult:ultra rage blaze and chelsea Rage combo Ssj1&2 Teen/adult kamehameha and chelsea super combo Ultimate firecat Teen:ultimate fire kamehameha and sacrifice Adult:ultimate fire kamehameha and flame shot